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Data items presented in a digital certificate
Serial number,Certificate Authority that issued certificate,CA digital signature,Name of company/organisation/individual owning certificate,Subject public key,Period during which certificate is valid,Hashing algorithm
Conditions message is authentic
Digital certificate,Includes public key,Used to hash message received / produce message digest,Generated hash compared to digital signature
Usage of encrypted message digest
Financial transaction,Legal document,...

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Computer Science

--Reduncancy temporal-redundancy between frames, abrupt transition between frames spatial-redundancy within a frame
--fetch-execute cycle1.This address in the program counter is transferred MAR 2.During the next clock cycle two things happen simultaneou: a)Load the instruction in address of MAR into the MDR
 b)address stored in the PC is incremented. 3.The instruction stored in the MDR is transferred to the CIR.
--sampling1.the amplitude of the sound wave is determined to get an approximation of

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Biologgy chp 7 8 9

Bohr SHift- In the cytoplasm of red blood cells there is an enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, that catalyzes the following reaction:   CO2 + H2O(2 arrow)H2CO3 carbonic acid The carbonic acid dissociates: H2CO3(2 arrow)H+HCO3. Hemoglobin readily combines with the hydrogen ions, forming haemoglobinic acid, HHb. In so doing, it releases the oxygen which it is carrying. Cardiac cycle-1 Atrial systole. Both atria contract. Pressure still forces Atrioventricular valves open. Blood flows from the atria into...

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