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The 1950-60s were years where women were able to voice opinions against gender bias within cultural and political aspects.

Plath intended Smith College which is private independent women's liberal arts college and later attended Newham College, a women’s only college at the University of Cambridge.

While she was a student, Plath spent the summer of 1953 in NYC working as a guest writer for Mademoiselle magazine.

This was shortly before her first suicide attempt at 20 years


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Organelles and Functions:

• Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum: Responsible for the assembly of many proteins • Cell Membrane: Controls the movements in & out of the cell and organelles • Golgi Apparatus: Process and bundle macromolecules like proteins and lipids • Mitochondria: Perform cellular respiration 0 Breaks nutrients into energy • Nucleus: Contains a majority of the genetic material • Nucleolus: Rewrite ribosomal RNA and combine it with proteins • Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum:...

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To deal with cyclical unemployment, what can the government do?

Cyclical unemployment

Reduced demand for a product causes firm to have a reduced demand for labor causing people to get fired

Wages will ↓ not because it would lower worker productivity

The government can ↑ AD by ↑ government spending

What are some of the effects of unemployment, both for the individual and for the economy?

Lost output in the economy

↓employed= ↓output

Deflationary gap= ↓wages & price

Lost revenue for the government



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Meselson and Stahl expirment--> Meselson and Stahl tested the hypothesis of DNA replication. They cultured bacteria in a 15N medium. 15N is a heavy isotope of nitrogen so the DNA synthesized is of heavy density. They then shifted the bacteria to a 14N medium, DNA was isolated at different times corresponding to replication cycles 0, 1, and 2. After one replicatIon cycle, the DNA was all of intermediate density. This rules out the conservative replication model, which predicts that both heavy...

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Intro :

Hola me llamo uzair tahir y yo soy delegado de venezuela. En esta conferencia, mi objetivo es a explicar los problemas en mi país como el crimen y las drogas y education y también cómo este problemas afectan a la gente vive (30 sec)

Frase 1:(7 min)

-Venezuela es la segunda tasa de homicidios más alta de América Latina y este muestra Cómo la condición en mi país es.

-según la Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia,

Venezuela registró 28,479(veintiocho mil cuatrocientos setenta y nueve)


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stimulants(speeds up cns)-cocaine

depressants(slow down cns)-alchole

narcoits(relieve pain)-morphine,heroin

cannabis(abused drug)-marijuana

inhalants(inhale to get high)-gasoline,spray can


-->Stages of Abuse (experimentation, social use, abuse, dependency)

Alchole(safe)-1 dring for girls/2 for man

People have different tolorance

short term affects: brain(development,memory)

-cardiovascular changes-heart

-liver and kidney changes

-digestive system problems.

long term:brain(...

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